Architectural Design Group | Architectural Process

Architectural Designers typically abide by a strict code of ethics.  A strong Architectural Designer will do their best deliver the highest professional standards possible in accordance with the requirements of ADNZ.

The Architectural Design Group follows their Architectural Design Process to ensure that professional ethics and standards are always maintained.  Following the Architectural Design Process also ensures consistency and quality at all times.

1) Project Brief - Schematic Design

During the first stage of the Architectural Process ADG will compile a Project Brief.  We will collect valuable information from yourself so that we can better understand your vision. 

After compiling the Project Brief the ADG team will be able to clarify all of your needs and ideas around your plans.

2) Concept Design, Development and Evaluation

The second phase of the Architectural Process will be the Concept stage. 

ADG's designers will present you with different solutions such as drawings or sketches, computer renderings or possibly 3D models which will be developed based on the initial project brief.

It's important during the Concept stage to discuss what you are happy with and what you may dislike.  Strong communication is imperative to ensure your architectural design project is heading in the right direction.  

During the Concept stage you will have more clarity around the overall budget to complete your architectural project as well as better understand any issues that may arise which may require extra resources.

3) Development of Construction Documents

In our third stage of the Architectural Design Process you will have settled on your final concept architectural designs.  

The ADG team will prepare comprehensive documentation as well as test and define the finer points and technical specifications required for tendering as well as your consent applications.  

Your documents will become available in this stage so that they can be reviewed by your builder or contractors.

Budgets may be discussed again if required.

4) Tendering

Stage four is all about picking the appropriate builder or contractor to who can complete the build based around your set budget. We can help to review the tenders as well as offer advice in the selection process.

The ADG team will also assist builders with any additional information or clarification required for them to make an appropriate tender.

5) Contract Administration

Stage five of the Architectural Design Process is all about ensuring that the project build is inline with the actual architectural design.  

Any issues during the build can be discussed and addressed so that your project stays on schedule, as well as be completed to the highest standards of quality.